Understanding the features and benedictions of Instagram

22 Feb

Instagram is one of the most sought after social media apps today in the online world enabling a lot of users to interact with other people through their photos. This is an innovation made by the friend of Mark Zuckerberg named as Kevin Systrom. As a matter of fact, Zuckerberg invited Systrom to be part of establishing his ideas which is Facebook but he refuse to accept the offer and rather stay in his school and finish his degree. That decision enabled Systrom to be the latest billionaire in the internet because of his invention which is the Instagram.

The Power of Instagram

Instagram is a free photo sharing app that was released on October 6, 2010 allowing users to upload their photos and moments on their account and can be seen by their followers. Instagram offers a lot of digital filters that enhance photos and share them to other users whom you are connected to. It is true that in just 2 months after it was released, Instagram already gained 1 million users; that’s why it was renowned as one of the most successful social media apps of this generation.

Instagram contributed a lot when it comes to improving such business that’s why a lot of businessmen already patronize this social media app to achieve success on their business. For beginners, here are the steps that you should follow.

  1. First and foremost you should register. To register your business, you must have your own location page. You can have your location if you will create an account in Foursquare.
  2. Post photos of your services/products and distinguish your target clients. You can follow them and let them know your company through your photos.
  3. Tag those people that have contributions on your business so they can repost that photo about your company and this can be shown by their followers too. In this way, you can assure that your business is being promoted by a lot of users not just to your followers and people that you are following.Reference taken from here http://followerbuzz.com/buy-instagram-followers/

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