Computer parts

5 Feb

All electronic devices and equipment have different parts to make them function properly.  The Apple replacement parts that comprise them are often more than mechanical devices.  Most electronic parts like capacitors and resistors when defective have to be replaced.  They are parts that cannot be repaired or brought back to their original condition.

For computers, there are many brands of computers that have similar parts.  However, several parts may not be the same.  This is very true in the case of computers that are for Windows and Apple.  Though they have almost the same or very similar parts, they are not interchangeable.  The electrical components like as mentioned above could have a fraction of milli-amperes or microfarads.


Apple parts


Apple computers that will need Apple replacement parts should be purchased from computer parts dealers of the company.  General electrical parts stores might have some parts that will look the same but will have different electronic capacities.  Furthermore, shapes and sizes of parts that are used to plug in sockets might not exactly match the sockets.


Check on the part number as hard drives, random access memory (RAM) cards and other larger parts will have a part number stamped on them.  If they are exactly the same then you can be assured that it is the right replacement part for Apple.




Often computer parts have the same size, shape and number of copper leads on them.  There are some that are interchangeable.  It is best to consult the mainboard manual on what parts are compatible with the computer that needs replacement.  The speed of a computer can be compromised when a wrong part has been installed.Go here to see, what author recommends



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