When to Unlock or Jailbreak iPhone 4

2 Aug

Many people prefer iPhone and this is for a lot of reasons


  1. It provides a fast communication through its incredible wi-fi speed and easy text messaging features.
  2. Its camera is amazing; you get post-worthy, un-pixelated pictures.
  3. Its battery lasts a long time; perfect for those applications that are available on the stores to cure your boredom.


There are lots of words associated with it, too. Two would be jailbreaking and unlocking. These two are often used interchangeably though their meanings differ a great lot. When you jailbreak iPhone 4, you do things that would allow you to purchase and use applications that the Apple Company does not approve of. Unlocking, on the other hand, means unlocking the SIM so that you could use whatever network you prefer.


Here are the possible consequences when you decide to do the latter:


  1. Your iPhone might get broken.

Since the procedure will entail breaking the lock on the SIM, this provides potential risks on the phone’s functionality. This will make your warranty void, too. Once you have done this, you can ask Apple for some technical support.

  1. You can choose your network.

As many networks could provide advantages over the others, you could choose freely and avail some promos or discounts on local and international communication lines.

  1. You may not be able to use official iPhone upgrades.

Downloading them might be possible but running them on your device successfully is something that is not guaranteed.

  1. This is a cost-reducing option.

If you are a traveller or someone who is already associated with a network that is not affiliated with Apple, this could save you a few hundred bucks along the way.


Make sure you understand the advantages and disadvantages first before you decide to unlock your iPhone.


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