Dressing up your Phone with Galaxy S4 Wallpapers

22 Jun

The evolution of mobile phones

Mobile phones are actually a combination of the telephone and radio technologies as developed by Alexander Graham Bell in 1876 and Nikola Tesla around 1880s respectively. Looking back to the mobile technology in 1995, mobile phones have bulky features such as a long antenna intended to catch up signal and huge size to load its battery. The antenna features remained for three years and later, these phones have cases with a variety of colors to choose from however, the program was still achromatic. This is when the creative touch for mobile technology has been determined.

The world’s first touchscreen phone came in the year 2000 but it has no advanced touchscreen technology and the features were still in black and white. The advent of color display for phoneswas in 2002 and fast improvements followed. These advancements include the integration of cameras, memory stick, music player, and dual screen.

Putting up your very own customized wallpaper

Due to the advanced color display and improved screen quality, putting up wallpapers for mobile phones were also a creative trend. Galaxy S4 Wallpapers for Samsung phones are available in different colors, themes, and designs, depending on what exactly fits to the taste of the user. These wallpapers are for added personal touch, displaying a creative dimension to your mobile phone.

Wallpapers are downloadable in many websites and these are available in different sizes that best fits for your phone. There are several designs to choose from in order for you to make day-to-day changes and some are even free of charge. The slim shape and other external features of your phone determine its physical attributes but it is not only the sole basis. Your choice of wallpaper is also important as it reflects your personal choice, mood, and lifestyle.

Reference taken from here   http://www.wallpapersforgalaxys4.com/category/automoto


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