6 Jun

Emails have been the default form of communication among businesses for quite some time now. Most people make use of Microsoft Outlook as their email client to transact and use as their personal and business email service. If you are an Outlook user you’d know that it uses Personal Storage (PST) files are what holds information like calendars, templates, alerts and such and a damaged or corrupted PST file will often mean that you will be unable to access your mail box and other data stored in it.

Prevention is always better than cure


This information manager operates locally in the system and is thus prone to attacks from viruses and malwares. To avoid corruption of these storage files, it is best to not open several PST files all at once and avoid the improper shutdown of these files as these are the main causes of errors. Care should also be taken when using software for recovery because using the wrong software can actually cause more errors. And as with anything computer-related, a good antivirus software is always your greatest defense for such disruptions especially because viruses are often the main reasons for these nasty corruptions.

How do you repair it?

Outlook has a repair tool that helps corrupted files become functional again. There is also an inbox repair option known as scanpst.exe that is installed when Outlook is configured. These built in software can fix corruptions and make those corrupted files accessible again. However for cases wherein the built in repair tools are unable to make the necessary fixes, there are several third party PST repair software that can do the job as well.

What can third party applications do?

These applications and software allow for repair of broken pst files caused by a variety of reasons. On top of that, this software often has additional features like recovery options for deleted contacts, emails and messages as well as fixing fragmented Outlook data.


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