25 May

It is undeniable how very much indispensible a computer is for most individuals these days. Almost every aspect of both work and personal lives can be made easier and more efficient with the use of computers. It is therefore important for these devices to be working at their best possible potential and if you’ve ever been a computer user yourself, you know that that is not always the case. Most of the time especially if your computer has reached a certain age or has used up a significant amount of its memory, your computer could run too slow for your liking. To say that a slow running computer is frustrating more than it is useful can be an understatement. Therefore it is best for any PC owner to know a few tips and tricks to speed up computer performance.

Upgrade your hardware

A computer’s performance can be influenced by both its hardware and its software. Most experts would advise and upgrade especially if your computer is getting older as this saves you money in the long run. Hardware updates usually require a RAM upgrade. An upgraded RAM will help your computer achieve its full potential and is easy and cheap to install as well. Some vendors will often provide and upgrade for free as long as your unit is still under the original warranty.

Update your software

An updated and regularly maintained software is also important thing to remember when trying to achieve a fast and efficient computer unit. One way to go about doing this is by installing a registry cleaning program that will cleanse your unit’s operating system of broken system files that can often times cause lags in the system. A reliable and regularly updated antivirus software as well as  a spyware removing program will also help improve your computer’s performance by cleaning out viruses and unwanted spyware that can run in the background and hamper your computer’s speed. Reference taken from here


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