Ways to do Moviles Libres

18 Apr

Communication system of cell phones

Most of the cell phones nowadays work through a system. The phone system that most individuals use all over the world work through the system called GSM.  This uses SIM card as means of communication to particular network. Because of the demand of cell phones and services, many service providers’ locks cell phones so that the service use by that phone cannot be change. They do this to increase their profit and that their consumers would continue availing their services. This is a technique most service companies use.


Consumers rights over phone services

Some individuals may like this, but mostly does not. It is not fair. Consumers have the right to choose ones service provider and most especially, one can change it anytime. And for that, the question remains the same, how to change it or moviles libres? There are a series of methods to achieve it. You just have to choose what best suits you.


A simple way to unlock phones

First thing you must do if you are sure that you are using the GSM system is to borrow a SIM from a friend of different service provider. Try to insert it into your phone and see if it works. If it does not, then you have to browse the net for a site that provides an unlocking password. Of course, in every transaction there is always a payment, most of them requires you to pay a fee. Do not worry, it is not that expensive, it’s actually affordable.


A complicated and rather expensive method

When payment is finish, they will email you the code and you just have to key in the password. After that, phone will immediately unlock. To confirm it, just do what you did before, trying another SIM. However, not all models of cell phones can be easily unlock. This is a rather expensive method because you have to buy lots of things and involves a rather complicated series of method. But whatever you think is best, then go for it.


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