What can a Free SEO Health Check Offer

17 Apr

We all know how the marketing industry had already penetrated the online world and how there are different marketing strategies being used like SEO, PTCs, and blogging to name a few. But how sure are we that these strategies are actually working? Is the amount of sales, website visits, and inquiries received by an online business enough proof? SEO for instance, is a bit more difficult to assess because it does not directly generate increased profits so there should be another way to measure its performance.


An SEO Health check could be defined as the process of checking the functions and effectiveness of a search engine optimization for a certain site. This is the most accurate tool to evaluate SEO health and it is usually offered in a very expensive price. Some services are even more expensive that having an SEO campaign started. This is why people rely and look for the Free SEO health check. But can a free service offer the same type of services offered by a paid one?

Based on several free SEO health check reviews, it could be concluded that these sites offer the same services. There is nothing to hold back when wanting to get the free service because it is actually the same. A free SEO health check can give:

–          Reports regarding the correctness of the keywords used on the website

–          Reports regarding penalties incurred by the website because of duplicate content

–          List of HTML codes that hinder the SEO effects

–          Errors encountered by the webpage

–          Reports if the site had been crawled and indexed by Google and other search engines

–          The current keywords that are being utilized and ranked

–          A list of the inbound links that the site receives

–          Fast reports given up to 24 hours from the time of request

Aside from being free and providing all these services, a free SEO health check is comprehensible and formatted in a simple way to help average people understand what is wrong with the SEO being used.



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