iphone repair review

11 Apr



Apple has come out with several iphone models from the first generation that came out in June of 2007.  The succeeding iphone models were the 3G, 3GS, 4, 4S and the latest 5, which was introduced in September of 2012.  So for the earlier models, all are no longer under warranty and might soon be needing iphone repair exeter service.


Forum discussions


It may surprise many owners of older iphone models that those who discuss in forums often give thumbs up for services of Apple stores.  One was surprised when he was expecting to shell out $199.00 for replacement of a broken screen.  Instead, it did not cost him anything because the service person simply replaced his iphone 4.  Another owner of an iphone 4 mentioned having the screen replaced at an internet repair service.  He was charged $30.00 less than what an Apple store would have charged.


Lesson: read online forums regarding experiences about their iphone repair service.  It may save you dollars or might even have repair or replacement for free.


Technically gifted



For the technically gifted, iphone repairs of their own units will save them greatly from labor charges.  Often labor charges are almost the same as the price of a part, if not more.  The opening up of the casing is more of a problem than anything else because hidden plastic locks could easily break


So for those who want to know how to open iphone casings for repairs, check it out on the internet?  Some special tools may be needed but they could be fabricated or bought at a cheap price.  Detailed instruction with photos or videos will show how to open casings without causing any damage.


This will be very helpful especially if it is only screen replacement that will be done on the iphone.  There is nothing technical in the process.  It is just a matter of being careful in noting what comes out first and what goes in first for assembly. Click here to know more about it


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