Keep Your Account Hack-free with a Free Online Proxy

4 Mar


Perhaps there isn’t a single day where IT experts don’t get any issues from people having problems accessing their email accounts. A hacker had already accessed it. There are so many incidents like this where your contact list receives emails that are said to be coming from you and this happened without your knowledge.

They just got “spammed” by the hackers.

Here are some steps that you need to do immediately…

Step 1: Recover your email account

Through your email provider’s log in page, access your account by logging in your username and your password; make sure you use a free online proxy since you can’t be tracked down with this.

If you can access your account without any hassle then the Gods are with you.

If you experience the opposite, then most likely, your hacker had already altered it and keyed in another set of password. Do you see that “I forgot my password” icon somewhere on your email provider’s site? Click that and attempt to recover your account’’ password. Normally, your email account provider will send you instructions on how to go through the recovery process. Using a secondary email which you have entered in the account settings when you were signing up, log in there because you’ll going to be hanging on with that email account for the meantime. There is a “secret question” also provided when you were signing up so use this to your advantage.

If all else fails then it is more likely that the hacker had gone the extra mile to alter all of your emails and contacts,web proxy and configurations. Otherwise, you might have just forgotten your password recovery settings. You might just be out of luck my friend.

If nothing had really worked so far, then you better contact your email account provider’s customer representatives.



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