Get a Cheap Android Tablet for All Your Entertainment Needs

26 Feb

Some people are undecided if they are going to get a phone or just settle with one of the latest tablets. The two devices are totally different in terms of features, form, and functionality. But if you are a minimalist type of person who prefers to get just one kind of device, then you may have to check for other factors on the things that you are looking for in a gadget that you plan to buy. One key factor to look into is the functions that tablets are now capable of.

Many tablets nowadays have phone functionalities. They can be hooked up to a cellular network. A SIM card can be inserted in one of these tablets and one can actually make and receive calls using this device. Of course the user must have a compatible headset to be able to make and receive calls. One can even get a cheap android tablet and still get the same functionalities found in phones.
Most tablets nowadays are capable of being connected to the cellular network and can send and receive SMS or text messages. Because tablets have obviously bigger screen than most phones, the user can use some features found on this device that would make it a much user friendly experience when using the device.

– One hand operation for tablets using smart keyboards. Smart keyboards are either pre-installed or can be optionally installed on the device. The tablets that have smart keyboards or keypads that allows the user to type words in a very convenient and fast manner. The smart keyboard can predict commonly used words that can save time and effort in typing.
– Tablets that come with compatible Bluetooth headsets. Some tablets that have phone functionalities would already come with a Bluetooth headset as part of the package.Click here to know more about this


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