Safe online banking with my1login manager services

21 Feb

The demand of the society now is more active and time limited. It is no longer possible for working individuals to queue on bank cashier lines that can take hours. Banking companies also prefers to hire less cashier staff to lessen the daily overhead costs of the company. Both consumer and service provider prefer online banking transactions which require less manpower to operate. Annual online transactions can amount to billions. After all it is easier to transfer and receive money with just a few mouse clicks and keyboard typing compared to the convention of carrying money all the way to the bank, filling up complicated forms and queuing for the cashier. The increase in usage of online banking transaction intensified the number of online hacking and cybercrime related to banking.

Need for Password Management in Online Banking

Banks have increased their security by implementing quality firewalls to prevent system penetration. They are also requiring more complex passwords. Unfortunately, people usually choose a password that they can easily remember and disregard this requirement. Online customers still base their passwords on birthdates, address number, age, anniversaries and other easily predicted codes.

A password manager, like the services , can generate military grade passwords. Passwords generated by a computer cannot be easily decrypted by anyone since it is not derived from common information like birthdays.

These passwords will be stored online and can be accessed by you anywhere in the world with internet. Only you can access these passwords that you must unlock with a code that only you know. No one in the company can see or read it.

A complex password is very hard to commit to memory. It is necessary to protect the important and sensitive information that you keep. But remembering them is not necessary with a password manager. This service will remember them for you and you only need to remember one code.

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