Detox my Mac: How to Detoxify Your Mac so that It’d Run Faster than an Olympic Sprinter

15 Feb

You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on a new Mac just because your “old” (as in six-months-old) Mac isn’t running as fast as it used to be when you first bough it. The world is still on the road of economic recovery, so you have no right to be such a spendthrift when it comes to your money. Your Mac isn’t a Windows machine, and there are many ways to detoxify it when it’s already experiencing slowdown and some such. I myself tv shows mac using the following means, because Macs don’t breakdown easily and a good ol’ fashioned Mac cleanup is usually what you need to detoxify it of junk and elements that could be slowing its performance down. Age doesn’t make a Mac sluggish, it’s instead computer trash in the form of orphaned registry entries and uninstalled program remnants that make it work slower than usual.

The Best Way to Kick Your Mac Back into Shape

¾     The best way to kick your Mac back into shape is to get rid of every little piece of junk that’s bogging down its performance. However, unless you’re part of tech support, you can’t address this problem on your own, sifting through orphaned or redundant registry entries one-by-one. You need cleanup software that’s ensured to make your Mac running like it’s freshly bought (either that, or you’ll have to back up all your files, get it reformatted, and reinstall everything).

¾     For the sake of convenience, you should look for all-in-one cleanup software that handles antivirus, registry cleaning, and hardware and software resets instead of getting a whole bundle of different software to address those functions separately. Having a single application do everything at the click of a button will surely set your mind at ease.

¾     One other reason why it’s better to get cleanup programs like MacKeeper, Cocktail, MacPilot, Macaroni, MacCleanse, connect mac to tv , and Onyx instead of reformatting everything is because your user settings from before would be lost if you take the second option. You’ll have to reconfigure everything from scratch when you don’t have to.



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