The Functions of the iPhone 4 and 4S Covers

12 Feb

One of the most popular gadgets that came out is the iPhone. Since the first iPhone was introduced in the market, its popularity has become so overwhelming and consumers since then have been waiting in anticipation every time a new iPhone is announced to be released. However, if there is one criticism that non-iPhone users have for the device is its lack of creativity when it comes to its external appearance. It cannot be denied that the iPhone has not change its physical design that much since it was introduced but what it lack in that aspect it made up for in customization. This so called weakness of the iPhone is actually its strength since users can customize and use the same iPhone 4 & 4S covers even if they switch from one model to the other. There are actually different uses for the iPhone covers. Below are some of them.


One of the main reasons why iPhone users add covers to their phone is to protect it. It is unavoidable, in the years that you are using your iPhone you are bound to drop it at least once. Adding a cover will protect the phone from the impact it could receive. In addition, it protects the iPhone from scratches, dirt, liquid and any other harmful elements that could damage the phone.


Another main reason why consumers use covers is to individualize their phone. As mentioned, the iPhone has been essentially the same over the years. The solution is to customize its covers. There are many covers available in the market right now and a lot of them are sold in the Internet. The process range from a few dollars to those that are priced almost the same as half of the phone due to the crystals and other materials used to produce the case itself.

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