The Answer to:Where Can I Download Free Music Legally

19 Jan

Ten years ago, mixed tapes were made all over the world by crazy in love teenagers who were eager to capture the soundtracks of their lives and have it playing in their boyfriend’s cars and the girlfriend’s pink walkman. Then five years later, we have these dance crazy kids lugging burnt CDs with all of their mixes and beats ready for when they just happen to find a stereo with a player and break down into fancy foot works. Every year it seems that getting the music you want and need is easier and easier with less and less steps. But that is what the internet is for, right? Delivering you what you need in three clicks or less.

Little do we know (or ignore to acknowledge) is that downloading free music online is actually one of the wars being waged against by the government and music industry. There have been laws passed on for copyrights, licenses and piracy that has taken downs sites and penalized offenders. A lot of sites share files with no permission and have them available for others to convert and sell as pirated physical goods such as CDs. This affects the music industry’s people who work behind the artists and management.

You may ask, Where Can i download free music legally so as not to contribute to hurt the employment status of these ordinary workers? Well here’s the answer:

  • One of the top sites that have quality audio files and are actually a recognized distributor of free music.
  •  It is also a venue of underground, independent and up-and-coming artists who are looking for a platform to spread their wholesome music.
  • Audio files are clean and secure. These files are checked for viruses and malware before being finally uploaded into the site.
  • The site protects you from committing serious copyright infringement and piracy.

Click here to know more about it


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