MacKeeper Review – MacKeeper, a Great Mac Software Utility

18 Dec

MacKeeper is a one of a kind anti-virus program which offers so many features on your Mac computer, you either will need a number of programs for, or have something downloaded such as Norton which could cost around $90. I will provide a very brief MacKeeper review which will tackle the fundamentals of what kind this program is, what it is capable of doing, and a quick outlook why some people have the impression that this software is nothing but a scam.

The MacKeeper Features
Oftentimes, MacKeeper is sold as “Mac’s 911 Emergency Tool” which is somewhat different from being a merely antivirus because it has the capability to execute everything. All legit reviews online should manage to mention all these features otherwise, it would be incomplete. MacKeeper , actually, is not simply just an antivirus, however it isn’t a con. This system utility is more of a multi-purpose software program which can be used in many ways: shredder, antivirus, anti-theft, recover data, disk optimization, anti-duplicate, privacy, system cleanup and Support services for Mac.
Not only that, MacKeeper comes in for only less than $50 — $39.95. A price fitted for first time Mac clients and the upgrade will only cost $29.95. All of the above mentioned modules can be bought separately, however, it would cost you somewhere $350 to $500, and that’s a lot of money compared to single packed software for a fraction of the cost.

MacKeeper is not far behind Windows so for those who are diehard fans of Windows and are switching to Mac, the software won’t disappoint. It is understandable that an antivirus and a computer cleaner are a necessity and MacKeeper both emulate those utility. This software is commendable and is highly advised for all Mac users to acquire. It’s simple, works very well and is very user friendly and will NEVER eat up your system resources.

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