Computer 101 History of Computers

1 Dec


Nowadays, calculations of different arithmetic and mathematical equations are easy with the help of calculators and computers. Imagine how difficult it was to make computations without using any devices. Too hard, isn’t it? Now you can imagine how challenging and difficult the life of our ancestors is. At present, computers made its way on top as one of the most important machines usually used in all fields of industry. With the help of these computers, everything is a lot easier and faster. You may have been using it all day but did you ever bother to find out the history of computers Let us take a look at the journey of developing the first ever computer to modern computers.

Who is the inventor of the computer?

It was believed that there was no specific inventor of computer because there are lots of discoverers who contributed to its development. But contrary to that, Charles Babbage was considered the inventor of computer. He was the first one to design and introduce this calculating machine. Though it was many years before it was actually implemented, the structures and the features of modern computer were based from the brilliant discovery of Babbage which is about the “programmable machines.” He was able to formulate this idea due to lots of errors in arithmetic and computations. His dislikes for these errors lead him to design different calculating devices.

The first generation of computers features vacuum tubes while the second generation was made of transistors. The actual features and systems of his idea were first built in 1989 by John Eckert and John Mauchly. They are the first one to build the electronic computers using the different programs and software introduced by Babbage. Invention of computers had undergone many generations leading to a new age of artificial intelligence.

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