The Ultimate Smartphone iOS 6.1 Jailbreak Solution

21 Nov

If you want to get the ultimate unlocker and jailbreak solution for your iOS 6.1 iPad, iPhone, and iPad Mini, then keep on reading. There are many unlock and untethered jailbreak solutions for your iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, and iPhone 5 needs that’s compatible for all major iOS 6 basebands such as 3.0.04, 4.12.02, and 4.12.01. In other words, this iOs 6.1 jailbreak is available for all iOS 6.1 devices. The official website for this jailbreaking program, is a website that streamlines the jailbreaking process without damaging your mobile device or making the base iOS 6.1 operating system glitchy after the unlock and jailbreak.


The iOS 6.1 Upgrade and the Problems with It


The reason why people are clamoring for the smart jailbreak solutions of http:/// is because the updates provided by iOS 6.1 are somewhat less-than-satisfactory, bordering on dictatorial. For the longest time, Apple has had problems with privacy, cooperating with third-party publishers and corporations, and data usage. To wit:


  • Excessive Controls: The reason why so many people want to undergo a jailbreak because, historically speaking, Apple has always wanted to do everything by itself. It’s not enough that Apple provides the hardware; the company also want users to be limited to Apple-brand software as well, treating third-party Apple app makers as competition.


  • Banning of Third-Party Programs and Rollbacks: The tool for jailbreaking iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 5, iPad, and iPad Mini has gained quite a following because the latest iOS update has removed popular, key apps for Google Maps and YouTube viewing. This dictatorial stance over what used to be a harmonious relationship between Google and Apple has lead to people demanding rollbacks after the update.


  • Jailbreaking Is Better than Rollbacks: Instead of rolling back your iOS version to early ones that allow you access to Flash-enabled programs, games, and important third-party apps like Google Maps (as opposed to Apple Maps) and the YouTube App, you can still take advantage of the benefits of the iOS 6.1 without necessarily downgrading your device with the Sap Shield V1.7.

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