What Are the VMware PCI Basics?

17 Nov

The Use
We all have computers at home. If not at our houses, there is one in our office and there are a lot of internet cafes or computer shops in our community. Most businesses use computers in order to manage their businesses properly. The technology nowadays has a large impact on our daily lives and we are affected by what is happening online every day. Some businesses use more than 1 computer in order to manage their business properly. Based on the work and the use of computers, there should be a different kind of virtualization software to be use.

Comparison and Contrast
There is a variety of Virtualization Software made for different functions. In order to understand and explain the functions of each better, we can use comparison and contrast in order to make it simple.
 Server VS Desktop – One is the difference between Server and Desktop Software. The Desktop software is the one used on your personal computer or your laptops at home as well as at work. When you talk about Server Software, it is commonly used for a more complicated network of computers where the server computer can control certain functions of the other computers. This is mostly used by computer shops in order to control the computers being rented by people.

 Guest VS Host – the host software is used to regulate and limit the functions of a computer when it is not used by the person authorized to use it completely. The computer can still be used by other people but they are only treated as guest. They cannot change or alter the default programs of the computer since it has restrictions that only the owner or authorized person can do. You are not allowed to work or venture into some restricted parts.

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