Is it Legal Or Illegal to Jailbreak an iPhone?

15 Oct

To jailbreak a 3G iPhone isn’t actually something that Apple itself would recommend, but many people do this anyway because they don’t want to be limited to using Apple apps and products as well as paying for the installation of a limited number of third-party software. An iphone 3g jailbreak happens mostly because a fresh-off-the-box iPhone doesn’t provide the same untethered support as a jailbroken iPhone does. An iPhone that’s jailbroken is an amazing mobile device that will allow you to witness firsthand the true capabilities of the device without Apple’s overly stringent protocols limiting its potential.

Why Does Apple Limit the Capabilities of Their Own Devices?

Apple has been historically known to love control. If you want to use software on your Apple device, then the company believes that the best programs are still Apple-made. If you want to play music, use iTunes. If you want to use third-party programs, you can only get those approved by Apple. Too much control limits the things you can do with Apple, though, so people jailbreak the device to get more out of their money, even at the cost of voiding the warranty of their iPhone. To wit:

• Jailbreaking an iPhone means hacking it so that you can install any programs you like, not just Apple ones or the ones that Apple approves of.
• You’ll gain access to thousands of “illegal” apps once your iPhone has been jailbroken, from unapproved games to useful tools that allow you to do a variety of things.
• Many applications are free to download only for jailbreak iphone 3g because of the limits and constraints that Apple itself has put up for their device.
• Nevertheless, to paraphrase Cobb from Inception, jailbreaking your iPhone is not, strictly speaking, legal.
• Incidentally, untethered jailbreaks refer to jailbreaks that allow you to not have to plug your iPhone to your PC in order to reboot it.
• It was actually Geohot that did the first iPhone jailbreak, so people have him to thank for the rampant jailbreaking of iPhones and iPads everywhere.

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